Design & approval


1.   Upgrading of 3-ph. High voltage system (Holiday inn resort)


2.   3022 meters extension 3-ph. primary line & installation of

      transformer (Appleton estate)


3.   Electrical Distribution design for batching plant

      (JPSCo-Maggotty Hydro)


4.   Capacitor Design for power factor correction (Alpart-Nain)


5.   Upgrading of 3-ph. High voltage system (NCB-Negril)


6.   Upgrading of 3-ph. High voltage & installation of pad transformer

      (Jamaica Grand Resort-Ochi Rios)


7.   The Nest – Caribbean Boilers CB factory -Hill Run (HV design)


8.   Best for Less office and exquisite auto show room – Buckfield,

      Ochi Rios, St. Ann – HV design


9.   Boothe multi-complex – Drax hall, St. Ann (HV & LV design)


10. Pad Mounted Transformer design & generator upgrading

       (Wyndham Hotel-Knutsford Blvd, Kingston)


11. Electrical Pole line design (Operation Pride Sub Division-Melrose

      Mews, Manchester)


12.   Electrical Pole line design (Phoenix Park, Santa Cruz-St. Elizabeth)


13.   Electrical Pole Line Design (Juicy Plaza, Old Harbour-St. Catherine)


14.   Macs Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Old Harbour, St. Catherine)


15.   Extension of I-ph. primary and secondary line (SCJ Holdings Ltd.,

      Frome-Westmoreland) Etc.: Numerous others


16.   Raiser of Conductors Pole Line Design for Jisco (ALPART)


1. Design, Approval & Construction


2. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Paisley Pen-Clarendon)


3. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Battersea Sub Division, Manchester)


4. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Denham Farm Sub Division, Manchester)


5. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Chocolate Hole Sub Division, St. Elizabeth)


6. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Dunder Hill Sub Division, St. Elizabeth)


7. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Waltham Sub Division, Manchester)


8. Primary & secondary line extension

    (Irwin Sub Division, Montego Bay-St. James)


9. 3-ph. Primary line extension & installation of Pad

    mounted Transformer-O/H & Underground

    (Hospiten -Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St. James)


10. 3-Ph. Primary extension, Construction of substation &

      installation of pad mount transformer-all current toll

      station except Linstead– North South Hi-way

      (China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. - CHEC)


11. Primary & Secondary line extension

     (Spur Tree Pen S/D, Manchester)


12. Electrical installation – Star Bucks, Montego Bay,

     Drax Hall


13. JPS VSP Project - Capture Data and Produce Pole Line

     Drawing from data for 4 feeders

different types of projects done


1. Primary & Secondary line extension

  (Heifers Run S/D-Clarendon)


2. Primary & Secondary line extension

  (Pedro Cross Commercial S/D –St. Elizabeth)


3. Primary & Secondary line extension

  (Glasgow S/D, Manchester)


4. Electrical installation

  (Gats Commercial Complex)

Special Projects for JPSCo.


1. Detail pole line patrol & data capturing -

    various feeders (2016-2018)


2. VSP standardization project (2016-2017)


3. Pole line upgrading design – various area


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